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A private septic waste system assists to carry waste from the home to the exterior. There are several moving parts to make the system work properly and we perform a thorough inspection to ensure you receive a proper NAWT certified inspection.
An septic inspection thoroughly performed on a typically non pumped tank. From all aspects of pump, compressor, control panel, floats, to the risers, we will ensure the homes septic system is thoroughly inspected.

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5.0 / 5643 Total Reviews The Inspection House
Shay Walters Shay Walters
I went with the Inspection House after hours of scouring Google for an inspector in Dallas-Fort Worth. The reviews as well as the ease of using the website brought me to book an inspection for my new construction home. My inspection was booked quickly, and within a few days it took place. Chris Nelson was thorough, took many pictures and took the time to explain the inspection to me. He put ease to my fears of buying an new construction home. The process was quick and easy. It’s always a good experience when you’re dealing with a nice, genuine human being and that was my experience with Chris.
Keith Adams Keith Adams
Sterling did a great job with the inspection and was very thorough. He took his time explaining everything that he found during his inspection and the report after was great because he not only had explanations but pictures and videos of everything.
Faith Hasness Faith Hasness
Overall very good job! We had Sterling as our home inspector. I appreciate the call before Sterling got to the house. He was professional and paid attention to detail. Very thorough!
Kay Gallow Kay Gallow
My realtor recommended The Inspection House. They are very professional throughout the entire process. For me communication is the key, and they are excellent at communicating during every stage making sure their customers know what to expect. Once the inspection was complete, my inspector went through the report as we walked the home to ensure that I understood all issues that were noted. I highly recommend The Inspection House!
Paul “Bill” Stewart Paul “Bill” Stewart
Very professional company that gave us a very comprehensive assessment of our "new-to-us" home. Justin was a very detailed inspector who took all the time we needed to review his report in person and gave us some solid advice at a very competitive rate.
Kati Oreamuno Kati Oreamuno
Justin has been so kind and effective with all of our clients from day one. I own a real estate team and I have trusted him with my clients for over five years! He is overly responsive and very communicative with every inspection that comes his way and I am grateful that I don’t have to be chasing anyone for answers on any of my questions. Thank you Justin and your team for excelling in customer service primarily!
Skittish Trout Skittish Trout
I’m wanting to edit my original review and change it to 5 stars. I’m very happy with how the management of this company handled my concerns regarding an inspection of my home with potential buyers being the ones who hired them. Their actions and kindness changed my review. I appreciate that they responded in this manner and we worked out the situation. Thank you for being genuine and helping me. I wish you all well and much success!
Catherine Fernandez Catherine Fernandez
Only good things to say here! Sterling was great! Super communicative and thorough during our walk through. He answered all our questions and took the time to explain everything. The report sent after was amazing! It had so much information and really showed that they took the time to check out every little thing in the house. Amazing work!
chodie chodie
We hired The Inspection House to look at our new build. The inspector who looked at the property, Justin, was very thorough and professional. He considered and inspected and found things I didn't think to look at during our blue tape walkthrough. I would definitely recommend this business as they provided a comprehensive report that my realtor forwarded to the builder that will result in a much better quality of our home, all at a very reasonable price. 100% worth every penny.
A. Davis A. Davis
Getting a home inspection is not something you should do without a bit of research, but they came highly recommended and after watching their inspector work and the level of detail in the report; I can say two things 1) if I buy a house again that they will be the only inspection company that I call and 2) if I’m selling my home I’d hope the go with someone else. I feel good about buying the property knowing that potential problems were identified and an estimate for repairs are provided. With home prices being so high you never want to buy something without having a comfortable piece of mind that they provide.
Ani Sosa Ani Sosa
So happy to have chosen The Inspection House for our new home’s inspection. Not only where they available on a Saturday morning but our inspector Justin did an amazingly detailed job documenting everything to a T, with photos, videos, providing a detailed and full interactive report shortly after inspection was done and then took his time to go over line over line explaining everything to us. Great service! Highly recommend them.
Shawlee Williams Shawlee Williams
Scheduling and securing an inspection time and date was extremely fast and easy. Sean was extremely professional, knowledgeable, thorough, meticulous, and helpful. He took the time to answer all of our questions and concerns, and explained everything thoroughly and clearly based off of his findings. After meeting with him and going over everything, we left feeling confident and secure, and it relieved our concerns and all the overwhelming circumstances that comes with first time home-buying. Now we are able to make a educated and responsible decision with purchasing the home moving forward. Phenomenal Job!
Ashley Gutierrez Ashley Gutierrez
I ordered an inspection for a home I am going to buy. I had a list of items I wanted to make sure was checked. The inspector reviewed my concerns, but also demonstrated his thorough check. He also explained why it was important to check certain items. Beyond that he also showed me where I can find my gas shut off valve and water shut off valve. Items that I knew in a home I built, but not of the location for a home I was purchasing that was already built. He was patient and professional by walking through the home with me showing me each item and sent a detailed report and pictures and arrows detailing his recommendations. I would highly recommend.
Dominique Berry Dominique Berry
I am a new real estate agent and this was my very first inspection. Sean took the time out to truly educate me on things to be aware of and the importance of thoroughly reading an inspection report for the purpose of being of better assistance to my client. His expertise was top tier. He was knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and thorough. I can not wait to work with him again. Sean thank you for all that you did to assist my client and I with both of our first transactions.
Nicole Williams Nicole Williams
I’m in the process of purchasing a home and this is my 3rd inspection with them. Fingers crossed that it’s my last😁 They did an awesome job all 3 times. I was recommended and I would recommend everyone else. I believe in shopping around and compared to everyone in the area I contacted, they were the cheapest and they looked at everything. Their customer service is awesome as well. They explained in detail what they are looking for upfront. They are very detailed in their reports. Had a 50+ page report for one house….had no choice but to walk away from that death trap 😂 They are awesome.
Katrina Munlin Katrina Munlin
The team at The Inspection House were very prompt, professional, and thorough. From the scheduling of the appointment to reviewing the results of the home inspection I felt confident that I could trust in the information I was given. The Justin/s (there’s 2 of them) explained everything in great detail allowing me to make informed decisions and I now know how to proceed. Justin Washburn was friendly, patient, and knows his stuff. Should you be on the hunt for a company to do your home inspection look no further. You’ll receive quality service at a reasonable price.

The cost of a house inspection varies depending on factors such as the size, location, and complexity of the property. On average, you can expect to pay a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for a comprehensive inspection. It is advisable not to base your decision solely on the cost but rather on the inspector’s qualifications and reputation.

Remember, specific house inspection requirements may vary by location and individual circumstances. It’s always best to consult with a professional inspector or your real estate agent for guidance tailored to your situation.

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Yes, there are limitations to what a house inspection can cover. Inspectors are not specialists in every trade, so they may recommend further evaluation by experts for specific issues. Additionally, some areas may be inaccessible or concealed, limiting the inspector’s ability to assess certain aspects thoroughly.

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After the inspection, the inspector provides a detailed report outlining their findings. The report highlights any issues, safety concerns, and recommendations for repairs or maintenance. Based on the report, buyers can negotiate with the seller for repairs or credits, or decide to proceed with the purchase as-is.

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While a house inspection is a thorough assessment, it is not possible to identify every single issue. Some problems may be hidden or require specialized inspections, such as environmental concerns (e.g., mold, asbestos) or pest infestations. However, a qualified inspector will do their best to uncover significant issues and recommend further inspections if necessary.

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Yes, it is essential to hire a professional house inspector who is licensed and certified. They have the knowledge, expertise, and tools to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the property. Look for inspectors who are members of reputable organizations, such as the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) or the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI).

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The duration of a house inspection depends on the size, age, and condition of the property. On average, it can take two to three hours. However, larger or more complex houses may require more time.

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It is highly recommended that buyers and homeowners attend the house inspection. Being present allows you to observe and ask questions directly to the inspector. It also provides an opportunity to learn more about the property and gain insights into maintenance and repairs.

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During a house inspection, the inspector examines various aspects of the property, including the foundation, structure, roof, plumbing, electrical systems, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), insulation, windows, doors, appliances, and overall safety features. They check for defects, damage, safety hazards, and signs of potential problems.

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A house inspection is important because it helps buyers and homeowners make informed decisions about the property. It can reveal hidden problems or maintenance issues that may not be apparent during a casual viewing. The inspection report provides valuable information that can influence negotiations, repairs, or future planning.

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A house inspection is a thorough evaluation of a property’s condition, typically performed by a certified home inspector. The purpose is to assess the overall condition of the house, identify any existing or potential issues, and provide a detailed report to the buyer or homeowner.

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