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We Always Provides The Expert Evaluation & Assessment That You Need For Any Residential Or Commercial Property Inspection.

Quality Assurance

Certified Master Inspectors

Certified Master Inspectors with years of experience and knowledge in the field hands on and in classroom to ensure key points are not missed during your inspection
Comprehensive Reports

Digital and PDF Reports

Your inspection report is delivered SAME DAY with a detailed and easy to understand explanation of every aspect of our finding. Same day means you do not lose an extra day in your option (option is the agreed upon period of time to complete inspection and appraisal during the home buying process)
Certified Inspectors-

Video and Photo Documentation

Confirm items were inspected and correctly reported with video and photo documentation of major aspects of the home
Consistent Accessibility

Consultations In Person Or Remote

Love to meet you at the home during the final 30 minutes consultation window, or we can accommodate you remotely as well and you never have to come to the property or home.
Consistent Accessibility

Scheduling is on us

We take the time to alert the owner of the property you are buying of our pending arrival. We provide adequate proof of insurance to enter any property or home. We do the back and forth conversations for you.
Professional Inspection

A safe home.
A smart investment

For starters, you can schedule a profesional home inspector directly from the website, or by calling our call center at (252) 258 0841. We utilize meters, guages, testers, measurement tools, ohm devices, moisture measuring devices, and many more. Yes, we have lots of tools!
A Safe Home