Phased Inspection – HVAC

With phased inspections, the heating and air conditioning equipment is typically not installed by the builder until the final phase. These elements will be inspected in the final phase (phase 3)


We take videos of all the plumbing throughout the home!

You are able to see videos of the furnace, heat pump, duct work, and pictures of the registers throughout the home to confirm temperature balance.


The reports are generated within 2 hours of completion of the inspection and immediately emailed to you in web, mobile, and PDF format to meet your needs.

You receive a very detailed description of the concern, the specific area the concern is located, and we color code it to alert your attention to the concern area.


The furnace or heat pump will be thoroughly checked for damage, incorrect Installation, organic growth, float switch, plenum, air filter, ductwork, temperature readings documented throughout and more.


The condenser (air conditioner) is also thoroughly inspected for leaks, damage to the unit, inconsistent air flow, damaged fins, damaged insulation and much more.