New Construction Electrical


We take photos of every electrical receptacle throughout the home we can access so you can confirm the current status of each electrical receptacles.

Documentation you can trust, verified by state of the art electrical testing equipment. We can verify grounding, hot and neutral reversed, inoperable and many more


The reports are generated within 2 hours of completion of the inspection and immediately emailed to you in web, mobile, and PDF format to meet your needs.

You receive a very detailed description of the concern, the specific area the concern is located, and we color code it to alert your attention to the concern area.


We verify each electrical panel to ensure it is not part of the list of deficient panels that exist in homes.

If your home has a panel that has been recalled or has a safety concern, we alert you so you can know upfront and negotiate as needed. We put the negotiation power in your hands.


Aluminum wiring is a conductor of electricity, but not the best and can carry some safety risks.

Some home insurance companies may not cover risks associated with aluminum wiring and others will. We confirm which wire type your home or investment has so you can ensure safety in the home and purchase.


The service mast is thoroughly inspected to ensure proper drip loops, no areas of moisture penetration, damage, or frayed wiring that can cause serious damage. Be equipped with the knowledge needed to negotiate up front.

Service drops provide power to the home, this is where the electricity starts. Damage to the service drop can impact the entire home, we will ensure damage is observed and documented.